Kabale University Responds to Student Protest: Surcharges to Be Removed, Late Registration Fee Proposed

kabale university responds to student protest surcharges to be removed late registration fee proposed
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As a response to student protests at Kabale University regarding a sudden increase in surcharges from 30,000 to 80,000 Shillings, the university administration has explained their decision. They assert that the surcharge adjustments align with fee payment guidelines found in the students’ manuals for 2021 and 2023.

Kabale University, located in southwestern Uganda’s Kabale District, obtained public university status in 2015.

The students’ main concern was the unexplained surcharge increase and the perceived substandard quality of services despite relatively high fees at the public university.

The students expressed their frustration and called on the university administration to find solutions to reduce the burden of surcharges.

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In a letter dated October 24, 2023, addressed to the Students Guild President-Elect, Speaker, Guild Representative Council, course coordinators, and the student community, Professor Joy Constance Kwesiga, the University Vice Chancellor, announced that the University Senate has recommended the removal of surcharges for late fee payments.

However, it was noted that these surcharges will be replaced with a late registration fee of Ugx 50,000 per semester. Professor Kwesiga explained that this recommendation will be presented to the University Council for approval at its next scheduled meeting.

Godfrey Sempungu, the University Senior Branding and Communications Officer, confirmed that after the student protests, the university’s top management met with some student leaders. In this meeting, they discussed the validity of the students’ demands and found both truths and falsehoods in the claims.

He also clarified that university activities continued without disruption, refuting rumors of a boycott of physical and online lectures, which he deemed untrue.

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