Minister Kaboyo Leads Fundraising Drive to Revive Historic Kasese School

Kasese District's Buhuhira Primary School Receives Vital Support for Rejuvenation
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Kasese District’s Buhuhira Primary School Receives Vital Support for Rejuvenation

In a bid to breathe new life into the historically significant Buhuhira Government-Aided Primary School in Kasese District, the Minister of State for Luwero-Rwenzori Triangle, Alice Kaboyo, recently spearheaded a fundraising event. The purpose of this event was to garner financial resources for the construction of much-needed classroom blocks, which are imperative for the students’ education.

Buhuhira Primary School, situated in Busongora County North, Kasese District, holds a unique place in the history of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government. During the 1980s Liberation War, it provided shelter to NRA fighters. Despite its historical significance, the school faces an alarming state of disrepair, with dilapidated structures that jeopardize the safety of its 633 students. These learners currently have to share inadequate and unstable classrooms, including one that is precariously supported by wooden poles.

The perilous condition of the school has left both students and staff concerned about their safety, particularly during rainy seasons. The school’s head teacher, Mr. Nelson Bwambale, revealed that, due to the lack of suitable classrooms, two classes are conducted in a nearby church. The situation is far from ideal and calls for urgent intervention.

Minister Alice Kaboyo, accompanied by Hon. Godfrey Kabbyanga Baluku, the Minister of State for National Guidance, graced the fundraising event with her presence. During the event, Minister Kaboyo made a commitment to support the full revitalization of the school. She announced plans to construct a new three-classroom block and a three-stance latrine in the upcoming financial year of 2024/25. Additionally, she contributed 200 iron sheets to aid in the construction of the new infrastructure and directed the UPDF’s Engineering Brigade to oversee the construction efforts.

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The community leaders, parents, teachers, and students attending the fundraising event managed to raise a total of Shs. 42 Million, a significant step toward the Shs. 116 million needed for the construction project. Minister Kaboyo acknowledged the pivotal role Buhuhira Primary School plays in shaping the future of Uganda. She emphasized that investments in a child’s education yield long-term benefits, contributing to the prosperity and sustainability of society.


No Key Points
1 Minister Alice Kaboyo leads fundraising for Buhuhira Primary School’s classroom construction.
2 The school is historically significant for sheltering NRA fighters during the 1980s Liberation War.
3 Current school structures are dilapidated and unsafe for 633 students.
4 Minister Kaboyo pledges to ensure the full revival of the school and provides resources.
5 A significant amount of funds raised during the event, marking a positive step.
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