Over 80 Students Sponsored by Aruu North Legislator under the ‘Adaa’ Scholarships

Parents and benefactor childrens pose for a group photo
Parents and benefactor childrens pose for a group photo
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By Kinyera Lakomekec,

Pader District, Uganda – The Aruu North legislator, Santa Okot, has sponsored a total of 83 students and even more since resuming her duties in 2021, following her election. These students are distributed across eight different schools as part of her ‘Adaa’ scholarship scheme for the current year. They are enrolling at various educational levels, including secondary and university.

Hon. Okot shared with our reporter that these students were carefully chosen based on their families’ vulnerability, including those affected by Nodding syndrome and families impacted by AIDS within the district.

Pader District faces significant challenges in terms of children overwhelming parents with special needs due to emergencies or illnesses, rising poverty levels among households, and unfortunate circumstances like the untimely deaths of parents, leading to child-headed families.

According to the legislator, education is seen as the key to these students’ future, and they consistently encourage them to strive for a better future. The support provided to these children encompasses scholastic materials, school fees, sanitary pads for girls, and other essentials, ensuring that even the most vulnerable have access to education during these challenging economic times.

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Hon. Okot clarified that the scholarship program exclusively assists financially disadvantaged children who cannot afford to pay their fees. Those who can afford it are not included due to limited resources. She further disclosed that over 15 million shillings are allocated each term for the welfare of these needy students. Some receive full scholarships, while others are partially covered, depending on their family’s financial circumstances.

The categories of children in need include those from challenging backgrounds, including those without parents. The legislator firmly believes that education is the key to success, regardless of the emerging life challenges.

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Currently, the students are enrolled in various educational institutions across the country, including:

  1. Atanga Mix Secondary School in Pader
  2. Kitgum Comprehensive Secondary School in Kitgum
  3. Friends of Orphans in Pader
  4. Atanga Girls Secondary School in Pader
  5. Pajule Senior Secondary School in Pader
  6. Pope John Paul II College in Gulu District
  7. Kampala International University
  8. Kawempe Community School of Health Sciences

Three of the enrolled students at Kampala Community School of Health Sciences are pursuing diplomas in Pharmacy.

Okot emphasized that all these students are recipients of the ‘Adaa’ scholarship, which will support them through their UCE, UACE examinations, certificates, diplomas, and degrees.

Hon. Santa Okot represents the people of Aruu North constituency in the 11th parliament, assuming office in 2021 following her victory over her rival. She is affiliated with Uganda’s People Progressive Party (PPP), founded in 2004 by Jaberi Bidandi Ssali. The party’s motto is “Together in progress,” and its symbol is a lamp lit in the center of the map of Uganda. The party’s colors are red, orange, blue, and white.

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Head of the scholarship program teaching children
Head of the scholarship program teaching children


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