Suspects in UNEB Exam Fraud Seek Private Agreement to Resolve Case

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Ten individuals accused of exam malpractices, including school headteachers and an exam center director, are seeking resolution outside the courtroom. The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) is investigating the matter involving the interference with Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) papers on the first day of the exam. Allegedly, the suspects opened the security envelope, took photos of the papers, and shared them on social media.

UNEB’s senior legal officer, Annet Kamaali, revealed that the suspects violated the established distribution procedure. Instead of following the protocol, they redirected the exams to a headteacher’s office, where the contents were allegedly photographed. Some suspects were caught in the act, leading to their apprehension and subsequent police custody.

The suspects met with UNEB Executive Director Dan Odongo, who expressed bewilderment at their presence. Odongo emphasized that UNEB does not make “resolutions” and advised the suspects to await legal proceedings. The UNEB Act outlines significant consequences for exam-related offenses, including fines and jail terms.

Despite UNEB’s efforts to curb malpractice, reports indicate persistent issues in the distribution chain. UNEB spokesperson Jeniffer Kalule highlighted common malpractices, such as impersonation and attempts to bribe scouts and invigilators for external assistance.

The ongoing efforts, including the new UNEB Act, aim to eliminate exam malpractice, with critics suggesting alternative assessment methods to reduce pressure on students. The Education Policy Review Commission is examining the education sector, considering proposals for the future of education in Uganda, including potential changes to national exams.

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