NFA Directed to Facilitate Farmers’ Access to Water in Forest Reserves

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The National Forestry Authority (NFA) has been urged to collaborate with local communities in Nakasongola to ensure mutual coexistence and access to water resources.

Nathan Igeme Nabeta, Deputy Chairperson of Parliament’s Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, emphasized the need for cooperation between NFA and pastoralist communities to address water access challenges.

This recommendation comes following reports of water sources, particularly valley dams in forest reserves, being fenced off by NFA, leading to limited access for livestock farmers.

The lack of designated routes for animal movement to water sources in forest reserves poses risks of trespassing for farmers, as highlighted in a report presented to Parliament.

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Nakasongola County MP, Noah Mutebi, raised concerns about the fencing off of water sources by NFA, affecting the livelihoods of livestock farmers in the region.

Nakasongola District Woman Representative, Victorious Zawedde, emphasized the importance of ensuring communities can utilize government-established water facilities, particularly those located in forest reserves.

In response, Minister of State for Water and Environment, Aisha Sekindi, disclosed government plans to establish bulk water storage facilities, drawing from Lake Kyoga, to serve Nakasongola and Nakaseke districts.

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