The Unlikely Success Story: Suubi’s Journey from Mockery to a First-Class Degree and Dream Job

the unlikely success story suubis journey from mockery to a first class degree and dream job
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From Trolled Suitcase to First-Class Degree and Juicy Job

Henry Suubi Kiyimba, a student at Makerere University, has not only earned a first-class degree but has also secured a prestigious position at Uganda Baati Ltd. Suubi, set to graduate on February 2 from the College of Engineering, Design, and Art, will be joining Uganda Baati as a Trainee Engineer, contributing to the design and delivery of specialized building solutions utilizing the innovative technology known as “Safbuild.”

Uganda Baati, a company specializing in the manufacturing and supply of building materials, expressed their enthusiasm for having Suubi join their team. The announcement on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) highlighted Suubi’s journey from arriving at Makerere with his famous metallic suitcase to achieving academic excellence in mechanical engineering.

Suubi, aged 24, achieved an impressive Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 4.47 in his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. This accomplishment places him among the top graduates in his college. His success is particularly noteworthy in a country where many highly-educated graduates struggle to find employment, making his seamless transition from academia to the professional realm remarkable.

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Turning Point

Suubi’s journey began in August 2019 when he entered Uganda’s largest public university as a freshman, capturing attention with his metallic suitcase. A photo circulated on social media, initially intended to mock him, but it unexpectedly turned into a turning point in his life. Despite being one of many students with similar luggage, Suubi’s situation took an unforeseen positive turn.

A fellow student, Emmanuel Aupal, shared the photo on social media, intending to mock Suubi. However, instead of facing ridicule, Suubi received an outpouring of support and various opportunities. He later revealed that the metallic suitcase was initially empty, and he had hoped to fill it with essentials later. His change of study program from Bachelor of Science in Economics with Education to Mechanical Engineering on a scholarship was a crucial decision that eventually led to his success.

Suubi’s journey continued with a two-month internship at Uganda Baati during his third year of study, providing him with valuable insights into the company’s operations, products, and values. This internship played a pivotal role in securing his current position as a Trainee Engineer.

A Bright Future

Now, as Suubi joins Uganda Baati, he will be involved in designing and delivering cutting-edge building solutions using “Safbuild” technology and overseeing “Ultra-Span,” an advanced engineered solution. Suubi expressed that his advantage in securing the job was his prior internship experience, giving him a comprehensive understanding of the company’s operations.

As Suubi moves forward in his career, he remains focused on furthering his studies. His story serves as a testament to resilience and embracing challenges, turning adversity into opportunities. Despite initial public scrutiny, Suubi’s journey stands out as a beacon of hope, demonstrating the ability to rise above negativity and achieve success.

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