Job Opportunities at Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS)

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UBOS, which stands for Uganda Bureau of Statistics, is a special organization in the government. They have a unique job: to take care of and make sure all the statistics in Uganda are correct. This means they collect, check, and share important numbers about Uganda.

UBOS is looking for people to join their team. They want people who are hardworking, smart, and can work well with others. UBOS needs these new team members for different jobs:

  1. Information Assistant – They need 2 people for this job.
  2. Administrative Assistant – Just 1 person is needed.
  3. Assistant Stores Officer – They need 1 person for this job, and they advertised it again because they didn’t find the right person before.
  4. Statistical Assistant – They are looking for 4 people for this job, and they advertised it again for the same reason as above.
  5. Procurement Officer – 1 person is needed for this job, and it’s also a re-advertisement.
  6. Senior Legal Officer

The last day to apply for these jobs is September 29, 2023. If you’re interested, you can apply by visiting this website: UBOS Job Application.

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