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NAM Ministers Set to Approve Crucial Documents Today

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Today, the NAM states’ ministers of Foreign Affairs are slated to adopt two pivotal documents summarizing the discussions from the 19th summit. These documents will be presented for approval by the heads of state and government tomorrow and Saturday.

Key Documents

The first document, the Kampala Declaration or Outcome Document, emerged from discussions in two committees. The Political Committee addressed geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, from Syria and Lebanon to Yemen, Kuwait, Iraq, and security situations in various African nations. Additionally, it covered continued sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela, both key allies of the former USSR. These two nations, along with others, are among the most sanctioned globally.

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The second document, the Political Declaration on Palestine, focuses on the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict. The NAM, with 120 member states, has a longstanding commitment to supporting Palestine’s quest for autonomy and global recognition as an independent state. The recent Israeli reprisal campaign has drawn international concern, leading to overwhelming votes for a humanitarian ceasefire at the UN General Assembly.

Committee Discussions

The Economic and Social Affairs Committee, chaired by Uganda’s Deputy High Commissioner in London, Ambassador Leonard Mugerwa, discussed transnational crime, including human trafficking, and climate change.

Ongoing Concerns

Tensions rose during the Senior Official’s meeting regarding the labeling of Israel’s actions as “genocide.” Officials clarified that language had been “harmonized,” emphasizing the need for a nuanced approach. As of last night, the NAM foreign affairs ministers troika, consisting of past, present, and future chairs, continued discussions on the declaration.

Attendance and Diplomatic Landscape

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Out of 102 represented countries, 58 foreign affairs ministers are attending, with around 600 delegates from 104 countries and various non-state institutions. The heads of state and government meeting is expected to host at least 28 leaders. However, last-minute downgrades to entourages were reported.

Next Steps

Following the summit in Kampala, Uganda’s Mission in New York will take on the coordination of NAM activities. The NAM is overseen at the technical level by a Coordinating Bureau of Ambassadors to the UN in New York, chaired by Uganda, with 15 elected vice-chairpersons.

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As the Kampala summit unfolds under the theme “Deepening Global Corporations for Shared Global Affluence,” the world awaits the outcomes that will shape NAM’s position on critical global issues.

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