Oyam: Acaba Technical School Girls’ Dormitory in Dire Condition, Students Appeal for Help

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Acaba Technical School Girls' Dormitory in Dire Condition, Students Appeal for Help
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Concerns are growing among students at Acaba Technical School due to poor sanitation conditions in the girls’ dormitory.

Dormitory One, which houses 45 students, is facing several issues. It lacks electrical lighting, has only two toilet facilities, one shelter, and the floors are covered in dust and are dilapidated. Additionally, there are not enough bedrooms, and the roof is leaking in all the rooms, making it difficult for students to stay peacefully in the dormitory.

Students who shared their experiences regarding the dormitory’s condition expressed their dissatisfaction, noting that they have been unhappy with the situation since last year. They are calling on the school authorities to intervene and address these challenges.

For the past two years, Acaba Technical School has been grappling with conflicts between the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church over its foundation. However, documents dating back to 1984 confirm that Acaba Technical School is a community technical school.

Celestino Akar, the newly appointed headteacher of Acaba Technical School, who assumed office this term, confirmed the reports. He stated that the school will address these challenges within this month.

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Located in Acaba sub-county, Oyam district, Acaba Technical School was established in 1984 with the support of the former Minister of Education, Isaac Newton Ojok. The school currently enrolls 357 students, offering various courses including Carpentry, Trailering, Block Laying and Concrete Practice, Mechanics, and Agriculture.

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