OYAM: Myene Sub-County Receives 20 New Boreholes from JF Well Africa

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20 villages in Myene sub county Oyam district were on Tuesday this week received 20 new boreholes donated to them by JF well Africa an American family organization, John Foley and his wife Victoria Foley.

These boreholes drilled in all the Five parishes in Myene sub county to benefits 27,000 population in Myene sub county and at the moment the percentage coverage of clean water points in Myene sub county gone up to 78 %. as before it was only 56 % in the previous years.

Patrick Olobo the chairperson LC3 Myene sub county Oyam district appreciated JF Well Organization for their support of providing clean water for local saying will reduce challenges of water crisis at the villages.

He encourage local community to embrace on proper maintenance of boreholes and hygiene at the water points

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