Oyam Teacher Found Dead Following Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Anyomolyec Primary Four Class Teacher Found Dead Inside His Bedroom.

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Pupils and the school administrators of Anyomolyec Primary School in Otwal sub-county, Oyam district, are in total grief and shock following the untimely death of their teacher, who was found dead inside his bedroom on Friday morning.

Joe Etot, a Primary Four class teacher, was discovered by his sister on Friday morning inside his house in the staff quarter after vomiting too much blood at night upon returning from a graduation ceremony at a nearby nursery school. The report from his relatives stated that Mr. Etot had been experiencing health problems since he was advised by a doctor to stop drinking alcohol. At the time of his death, he was reportedly drunk, and bottles of waragi were found inside his bedroom.

Rolex Akena, a brother to the deceased, says his brother had the same sickness and had been advised to stop drinking alcohol, but he wasn’t responding to the doctor’s advice, and his death is attributed to excessive alcohol consumption.

Patrick Oyuru, the headteacher of Anyomolyec Primary School, says Etot in the afternoon did not show any signs of sickness. Surprisingly, in the morning, he was discovered dead inside his house. He describes Etot as a committed teacher who loved his profession.

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The deceased’s body was picked and taken to Anyeke Health Center IV, waiting for relatives to organize burial arrangements as they declined a postmortem.

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