Poor State of Minakulu-Okwir Road Sparks Worries Among Omoro District Residents

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The delay in commencing the rehabilitation of the 14.7-kilometer Minakulu-Okwir road in Omoro District is causing concern and worry among local leaders and road users in the area.

This road, stretching from Minakulu St. Thomas, through Okwir Primary, and connecting to Nwoya District, is under the jurisdiction of the central government. However, for the past seven years, the road has been in a poor state, marked by potholes, overgrown bushes, and bridges washed away by water resulting from heavy downpours. These conditions make it difficult for road users to navigate.

Chris Woo, one of the road users, expressed frustration, stating that the deteriorating condition of the road is adversely affecting business in Okwir Trading Center and Ajaga Market. The road serves as the sole connection for buyers traveling from Minakulu Town Council to these trading centers and the market.

Issac Newton Ojok, a Councilor for Aremo Sub-County, who also serves as the Secretary for Works and Technical Services in Omoro District Local Government, revealed that they anticipated the road rehabilitation to begin last year. The Ministry of Works Gulu Regional team had surveyed the road in July of the previous year, with plans to initiate the rehabilitation around September. However, to the dismay of the community, the road remains ridden with potholes, causing significant problems for road users.

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