Oyam District Schools Kick Off 2024 with Robust Student Turnout

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Today marks the beginning of the first term for the academic year 2024 in Oyam district, with a notable turnout of students, particularly in primary schools as opposed to secondary schools.

At Okule Primary School in Minakulu sub-county, 138 pupils attended school out of their total enrollment of 1,653, and 16 staff members were present.

Iceme Primary School in Iceme sub-county reported 343 learners this morning out of their 2,162 enrollment, with 19 out of 21 staff members in attendance.

Oyam Junior School in Oyam town council had 324 pupils present out of their 668 enrollment, and 19 staff members were already on-site.

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However, at Dr. Oryang SS in Minakulu town council, only 10 students were reported to school out of 220 enrolled.

In Acaba SS, located in Acaba sub-county, Oyam district, 200 students were reported to school out of a total enrollment of 1,350.

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