Fort Portal Transitions from Open Garbage Dumps to Cleaner Waste Management

Fort Portal Transitions from Open Garbage Dumps to Cleaner Waste Management
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Fort Portal City Enforces New Garbage Disposal Policies

In a recent move aimed at improving cleanliness and sanitation, Fort Portal City has eliminated open garbage dumping sites. The open dumping sites, which were previously located in areas like Njara, Hakabale, Kitumba, Kinubi, Kabegira, and Kisenyi, have all been cleaned up. Warning signposts have been installed to discourage the public from dumping solid waste at these locations.

City Clerk Perez Mwebesa of Fort Portal Central Division emphasized that residents are now responsible for managing the waste they generate until a garbage truck arrives to collect it. He stated that people should hold onto their garbage until designated collection days during the week.

To ensure proper waste management, Fort Portal City has introduced a “polluter pay” policy, which requires those generating garbage to pay a small and affordable fee for its disposal.

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Despite these efforts, some individuals continue to dispose of solid waste in non-designated areas, causing the city to appear dirty. Central Division Mayor Richard Muhumuza expressed his disappointment with this behavior and stressed that waste management is a shared responsibility between the government and citizens. He encouraged city dwellers to take an active role in creating the change they desire to see.

The city is currently implementing a Public Private Partnership (PPP) approach to solid waste management, aiming to create a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

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