Cattle Theft for Bride Price Lands Five in Kazo Police Custody

Five Individuals in Custody for Alleged Cattle Theft Linked to Bride Price
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In Kazo District, Uganda, five individuals have been apprehended by the police for their alleged involvement in stealing cattle intended for paying bride price.

The main suspect, identified as Bright Muhereza, 34 years old and a resident of Omutebbe in Nkungu Sub-County, Kazo District, is said to have acted as the groom in the bride price ceremony.

According to the District Police Commander, Philip Mukasa, Muhereza allegedly received assistance from the other four suspects in stealing the cattle. Mukasa suspects that these individuals may be connected to a larger network engaged in cattle theft within the district.

Muhereza claims that when he visited his wife’s family to fulfill the bride price requirements last month, he was asked to provide two cows and two goats, which he did not possess at the time. However, he contends that he managed to acquire the animals with money and did not participate in stealing any cows. He asserts that a friend had stolen the cows from a neighbor’s farm and then sold them to him.

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Muhereza explains that after the bride price was paid, his father-in-law arranged for his immediate neighbor to graze the cows on his land. It was this neighbor who subsequently reported the situation to the police, leading to Muhereza’s arrest.

The owner of the allegedly stolen cows, Bob Tumusiime, reported that his cows had gone missing the previous week. He was taken aback when he saw his neighbor bringing the cows and requesting space for grazing.

Investigations into the matter are ongoing, and the suspects may face charges related to cattle theft based on the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

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