Namutumba Celebrates Arrival of Piped Water After Decades

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PHOTO - Namutumba Town
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After four decades of relying on rivers and swamps for water, residents of Namutumba District’s Mazuba sub-county are celebrating the arrival of clean, piped water for the first time. The extension of this vital resource, made possible by the NGO Food for the Hungry, marks a significant milestone for the community.

Previously, residents endured the arduous task of trekking long distances to fetch water from the Mpologoma River, exposing themselves to waterborne diseases such as diarrhea and trachoma. The absence of boreholes compounded their struggles, forcing some to purchase water from neighboring villages at high prices.

Mr. Martin Basoma, the Mazuba central zone LC1 chairman, highlighted the hardships faced by mothers and schoolchildren who made daily journeys to access water. He expressed relief that the community would now have affordable access to piped water, improving their quality of life.

The lack of access to clean water also posed risks, with tragic incidents of drowning reported in the Mpologoma River. Residents expressed gratitude for the intervention, acknowledging the transformative impact it will have on their health and well-being.

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Food for the Hungry emphasized the importance of maintaining sanitation to prevent waterborne diseases, urging the community to prioritize hygiene practices. They stressed that access to clean water is essential for human development, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

District officials echoed these sentiments, pledging to prioritize the construction of water facilities to improve coverage across Namutumba District. Despite challenges such as insufficient funding, efforts are underway to address the water needs of underserved communities.

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