Oyam: Termite Infestation Threatens Teachers’ Residences at Okure Primary

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The effects of termites is the major challenges that reportedly destroying teachers houses made of grass huts in Okure primary school, Oyam district.
Okure primary school is a UPE school having 12 teachers and over 1000 pupils enrollment.
Daniel Okello the Headteachers of the school says effects of termites on the teachers houses is making it difficulty for the teachers to keep their houses and staying in save because after finishing any grass huts house within a month, the termite always occupied and destroyed all the grasses roof.
He added that many of their teachers having grass hut houses are renting or reporting from home because their houses have been destroyed by termites and due to too many termites around is making difficulty to put or maintain grass hut houses in the teachers quarter.
But adding that school are looking forward possible sensitization with parents raising same money for building semi permanent house made of iron sheets for teachers beginning this year.

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