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Serere District’s Fourth County Sparks Controversy

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Tensions have risen in Uganda’s eastern district of Serere as a concerned voter, Samuel Otaala, alias Emong Iseera, has lodged a petition against the district’s resolution to create a fourth county. The move, which merged Kyere and Kateta sub-counties to form the new county of Kateta, was sanctioned by the district council on December 21, 2023.

The existing Serere district comprises three counties: Kasilo, Pingire, and Serere. However, the decision to form Kateta has sparked discontent, with Otaala arguing that the resolution was flawed and lacked valid grounds. In his petition to district speaker Henry Opio, Otaala claimed that the people of Kyere were not consulted, insisting that Kyere should be separated from Kateta to obtain county status independently.

“The people of Kyere community, elders, and opinion leaders were not consulted over your decision to merge them with Kateta,” asserted Otaala, contending that Kyere possesses the capacity to function as a standalone county.

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In response, District Speaker Opio dismissed Otaala’s petition, deeming it lacking in merit to prompt the withdrawal of the council’s resolution. Opio emphasized that the petition was not supported by any other individuals, characterizing it as a one-person grievance. “This is a baseless petition that shall not worry us. The councilors of Kyere did not object to the district council resolution,” remarked Opio.

For the resolution to be implemented, it requires approval from Parliament. If accepted, Serere will expand to include four counties. Additionally, the district council endorsed the creation of nine lower administrative units, augmenting the number of sub-counties and town councils from 15 to 24. The proposed units include Kamurojo in Kyere, Ojetenyang and Kanyangan in Kateta, Akoboi in Olio, Okidi and Odapakol in Pingire, Ogera and Agule in Bugondo, and Atiira town council in Atiira sub-county. These names await approval from the Ministry of Local Government.

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