Arua Village Leaders Called Upon to Register Residents

arua village leaders called upon to register residents
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Village (LC1) chairpersons in Arua City have received a crucial mandate to establish comprehensive village registers of residents in response to escalating concerns about insecurity. Arua Resident City Commissioner, Charles Ichogor, emphasized the importance of this initiative in addressing the rising levels of insecurity within the city.

Ichogor urged village leaders to revive these registers, emphasizing their role as the frontline of security in their respective cells. “The LC1 chairpersons are my foot soldiers. They are chairpersons of security in their respective cells,” said Ichogor. “I would like them to be very, very vigilant.”

Highlighting the significance of updated registers, Ichogor encouraged village leaders to gather essential details about residents in their areas. Additionally, he appealed to landlords to exercise vigilance in accommodating individuals on their premises. “Landlords and landladies have not been working hand in hand with us,” noted Ichogor, underscoring the importance of cooperation in maintaining accurate information.

Alex Brian Drani, the LC1 chairperson of Junior Quarters Cell in Central division, acknowledged the challenges in updating registers due to transfers and lack of cooperation from landlords. Despite his efforts to register all permanent and temporary residents, Drani emphasized the need for improved collaboration, especially during tenant turnovers.

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Steven Buga, chairperson of Ewanyapa cell in Ayivu division, echoed similar concerns about landlords failing to disclose tenant information. Buga stressed the importance of community involvement in reporting new arrivals to the local council.

In response to these challenges, Ichogor urged village leaders to remain vigilant and conduct regular inspections within their cells. He advocated for identifying residents and visitors, emphasizing the need for visitors to identify themselves to enhance overall security.

While acknowledging the hurdles, Ichogor reassured the community that these efforts are crucial for curbing insecurity in Arua City.

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