Rubanda LC5 Chairman Opposes Hamurwa Sub-county HQ Relocation Proposal”

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Mr. Stephen Kasyaba, Chairman Rubanda District
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The Rubanda District LC5 Chairperson, Ampeire Steven Kasyaba, has vehemently opposed any proposal to relocate the Hamurwa Sub-county Headquarters to Nyamasizi parish.

Addressing the locals of Hamurwa Sub-county, Kasyaba stated that neither he nor the executive committee supports any suggestion to move the sub-county headquarters to Nyakanengo Cell, Nyamasizi parish.

The Rubanda District Chairperson emphasized that as long as he remains in his position, he will not allow such a proposal to pass through the council.

Kasyaba asserted that residents from Igomanda and Kakole parish cannot bypass Hamurwa Health Center IV, which serves as a central facility for Nyamasizi parish.

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He questioned the motives of anyone advocating for the relocation, questioning whether they intend to incorporate Igomanda, Kakole, and Mukitegye into Hamurwa Town Council.

It’s worth noting that Hamurwa Sub-county and the Town Council leaders collect revenues from the same market centers, namely Karukara and Hamurwa Trading Centers, and have been conducting council sessions in the same building.

Additionally, Kasyaba revealed plans for Hamurwa Health Center IV to receive a brand new ambulance.

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