Rukungiri Woman Nabbed for Alleged Stealing New-Born Baby from Hospital

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Rukungiri, Uganda – Police in Rukungiri District, southwestern Uganda, have arrested Jackline Natukunda, a resident of Kyamakanda Buyanja, on charges of stealing a newborn baby from Kalori Lwanga Hospital Nyakibale.

The alleged theft occurred on Monday, December 4th, 2023, around 2:00 PM. Mercy Turyahebwa, a resident of Kyabahanga, Bwambara sub-county, had left her one-week-old baby in a ward after giving birth. Upon returning from a brief restroom break, she found Ms. Natukunda, a stranger, carrying her child.

Turyahebwa, who was preparing to settle her hospital bills and discharge the baby, was understandably distraught.

Ms. Natukunda, however, claims innocence. In an interview, she maintains that she was simply holding the crying infant while waiting for its mother.

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Catherine Natukunda, in charge of the maternity ward, corroborated Turyahebwa’s account. She revealed that Ms. Natukunda snuck into the ward while Turyahebwa was preparing for discharge in a separate ward, seizing the opportunity to abscond with the baby.

This incident, according to Ms. Natukunda, is unprecedented at the hospital. She confirmed that the suspect has been handed over to the police for further investigation and prosecution.

With the baby now safe and the alleged culprit in custody, the Rukungiri community awaits the outcome of the police investigation and subsequent legal proceedings.

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