Rwandan Diplomat Addresses Mysterious Passing of Businessman in Uganda

Fred Kayitare Rwandan Envoy Speaks Out On Deceased Businessman in Uganda
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In an intriguing tale that seems to blend elements of mystery and international relations, Rwanda’s High Commissioner to Uganda, Col Joseph Rutabana, has spoken out about the unfortunate demise of a Rwandan businessman named Fred Kayitare. The man met his untimely end in the heart of Uganda’s capital, Kampala, last week.

According to reports that have fluttered through the Ugandan media, Kayitare’s story took an unexpected turn as he found himself in the custody of the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), a title that could certainly be confused with a thriller movie franchise. This investigative body belongs to the Uganda People’s Defence Forces. It appears that fate played a rather unpleasant hand, leading to Kayitare’s fatal fall from the second floor of the CMI building. Talk about a plot twist.

The 33-year-old’s fatal tumble took place while he was reportedly undergoing an interrogation that might have left even the most seasoned detective scratching their head. It seems the exact nature of the alleged wrongdoing was still playing a game of hide-and-seek at the time of this report.

With a touch of diplomatic finesse, Col Joseph Rutabana mentioned, “I am actually on my way to meet with his parents. I can’t disclose any further information at the moment as the issue is still under investigation.” This response, one can imagine, leaves curious minds on both sides of the border wondering what other unexpected developments might unfold.

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News of Kayitare’s passing emerged from the depths of Ugandan news outlets on the memorable date of August 21. Perhaps it was a way of saying, “Summer’s coming to an end, but here’s a mystery to keep you entertained.”

Adding a personal layer to the story, Uganda’s Daily Monitor reported that during a vigil held in Kampala on a somber Sunday, Kayitare’s widow shared plans that involved sending her husband’s remains back home to Rwanda for his final rest. It’s like the closing scene of a chapter, filled with emotions and unspoken words.

As if passing the baton of this perplexing narrative, Rwanda’s own spokesperson for the National Police, CP John Bosco Kabera, passed the proverbial microphone to the Rwandan High Commission in Uganda. Who knows where this diplomatic relay might lead – a denouement or yet another plot twist?

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