Cabinet Tensions Rise as Prime Minister Criticizes Minister Lumumba

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja - Political Controversy Erupts Between Prime Minister and Minister Lumumba
Political Controversy Erupts Between Prime Minister and Minister Lumumba
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Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja has expressed her concerns about Minister Justine Kasule Lumumba’s alleged involvement in political interference.

Nabbanja recently faced public criticism for bringing a large delegation of Ugandan representatives to the United Nations Assembly in New York, a move that some believed could have been handled by her subordinates.

During an appearance on Bukedde TV on Monday night, Nabbanja addressed the issue and accused Lumumba of using intermediaries to undermine her politically. She stated that she has taken action by involving relevant authorities.

Nabbanja emphasized that Lumumba had employed individuals such as MP David Kabanda and Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda to criticize and weaken her. She cautioned that whenever these individuals attack her, it is at the behest of Lumumba.

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When asked why Lumumba was undermining her authority, Nabbanja explained, “The President’s decision to appoint me as Prime Minister upset many people. There were powerful individuals who coveted this position.”

The current situation highlights the ongoing internal conflicts within the Cabinet. President Museveni is reportedly considering a Cabinet reshuffle due to internal disputes and an increase in corruption scandals involving ministers.

Nabbanja mentioned that she is well aware of Lumumba’s previous role as the Secretary General of the ruling NRM party and does not want to be involved in any drama.

Insiders suggest that Nabbanja strongly suspects Lumumba of leaking information about her UN trip to the media in an attempt to embarrass her. Nabbanja clarified that she did not authorize Lumumba’s participation in the UN trip.

“Lumumba is my subordinate, and I supervise her,” stated the Prime Minister. “She only engages in tasks assigned by me, and this time, I did not send her to the UN.”

However, the NRM Chief Whip, Hamson Obua, confirmed that he was aware of both Nabbanja’s and Lumumba’s trips to New York. Obua clarified that President Museveni sought clarification regarding the trip following media reports suggesting that Nabbanja and Lumumba were accompanied by over 70 delegates to the UN. Obua explained that each of the two principals was accompanied by five individuals on the trip.

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