Something Good Will Come from Dokolo, Says Former Aruu County MP Dr. Odonga Otto

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Former Aruu county MP Dr. Odonga Samuel Otto in a black coat while at the burial of Cecilia Ogwal in Alito Town Council recently. Photo/ Okidi Patrick.
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A reflection on Odonga Otto’s address to mourners during a recent full council meeting to honor the late Cecilia Ogwal has fostered unity between the Acholi and Lango tribes of Northern Uganda.

Born to the late James Otto of Apiri village, Opolacen parish, Pader district, and hailing from the popular Mogi clan in Pader, Odonga Otto will be remembered globally by many.

Several individuals interviewed by The Ankole Times believe Odonga Otto could contest and win elections anywhere, whether in Acholiland or Lango sub-region.

Sarah Angweri Awor, workers’ representative in Lira City council, stated that Odonga is politically gifted and should not be underestimated.

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Richard, a voter from Puranga town council in Pader district, remarked, “Odonga Otto’s first term in politics saw victories over former Minister of Education and Sports Alfred Omony Ogaba, as well as the late Okello Olobo and others.”

Before Aruu North was carved out of Aruu county, Dr. Odonga had a strong hold in Pajule, Olambyera, Puranga, Awere, and Atanga sub-counties, playing a significant role in FDC’s victory in a Pader bye-election.

Though defeated in the 2021 general elections by Christopher Komakec, the current MP for Aruu county, Odonga Otto led efforts with his RPP team to combat illegal charcoal trading, notably by setting up roadblocks in various Acholi areas.

Brenda from Pader town council expressed confidence in Odonga’s return to Parliament in the 2026 elections, citing dissatisfaction with some MPs’ responsiveness to voters.

Muze Martin, a 78-year-old from Paiula in Pajule sub-county, suggested that Odonga be appointed as a full cabinet minister in charge of the environment in the next reshuffle due to his expertise in the field.

Despite personal tragedies, such as losing his mother during the Karamojong insurgency, Odonga Otto has gained prominence locally and internationally through his media presence and ownership of establishments like the Signature building in Gulu and Pader Hotel.

Odonga Otto’s remarks about prominent Dokolo personalities and the forthcoming bye-election indicate optimism for positive outcomes in Dokolo district.

With 11 candidates expressing interest in the woman MP position for Dokolo district, political parties like NRM, UPC, FDC, and NUP are expected to dominate the race, pending the Electoral Commission’s announcement on the election procedures.

The media’s keen interest in Odonga Otto’s political insights and future plans, whether as RPP President in 2006 or as a potential member of the 12th Parliament in 2026, underscores his influence and vision for political leadership.

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