Teso Districts in Panic as Anti-Crime Police Chief Transferred, Outcry Ensues

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Nachuha Damali
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Soroti, Uganda: Business across Teso districts are currently paralyzed by the transfer of a nonsense Regional police commander for East Kyoga who has been anti criminal in Teso.

The news about the transfer of Assistant commissioner of police Mrs Damalie Nachuha whom the region had nicknamed as ironwoman against criminals has left everyone wondering with many people siting in groups saying criminality will again regain its routes in Teso.

Ms Damalie is remembered for wiping out cattle thieves in the region which was a racket of connection of people including those employed in various government offices.

In a two year stay in Soroti Ms Damalie managed to bring an end to theft of vehicles, robbing of mobile money agents that had become rampant in the region and arresting had core connected criminals now in prisons.

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Moses Opolot one of the traders said thieves had made it daily basis to break his shop but ever since Nachuha was transferred to Soroti all thieves have been arrested.

“I have now believed a person who is doing a right thing in this government is regard as a wrong people but that one who condones crime is regarded a good commander,” he said.

Immaculate Adeke another resident suspected that the thieves who had lost ground of destabilizing the people of Soroti could have used some people in government to Influence the transfer of Ms Nachuha and urged the police force to revers their decision.

“Sometime forces don’t listen to our civilians but we would like to request police please let Madam Damalie first cleans Teso we are just begging,” He said.

Jonathan Odeke another resident said Soroti city had become live because people could sale shoes up to 11pm before closing before they were sure of security but not it’s going to be hard.

“How we wish police could first come down to the ground and get our views as citizens before causing any transfer of any officer it would be good but now taking away such a hardworking person is putting the lives of people of Teso at risk,” he said.

The public has described Mrs Nachuha as incorruptible commander who makes a decision ones and she’s ever in the field carrying out community policing that has reduced cases of domestic violence among the couples.

“Your Excellency you have always listened the outcry of People of Teso please listen to us again this time and allow Mrs Damalie complete wiping out the remaining criminals in Teso,” he said.

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