Uganda’s Tourism Potential: Museveni Highlights UGX 22 Trillion Economic Opportunities

ugandas tourism potential museveni highlights ugx 22 trillion economic opportunities
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Uganda, according to President Yoweri Museveni, has the potential to annually earn approximately $6 billion (around shillings 22 trillion) through tourism. Despite foreign hostility and negative travel advisories, Museveni believes that with proper strategies, Uganda can overcome these challenges and prosper.

Museveni emphasized the importance of countering misinformation spread by some foreigners, who he believes seek to undermine Uganda’s economic progress and that of Africa as a whole. He urged for the dissemination of accurate information to portray the true image of the country.

Addressing the nation ahead of the National Resistance Army/Movement anniversary, Museveni highlighted the need for collective efforts in harnessing the opportunities presented by tourism. While emphasizing his commitment to bolstering security, he stressed that Ugandans must actively participate in leveraging tourism for economic growth.

Museveni cautioned against overpricing, which he believes could deter tourists and drive them to seek alternatives in neighboring regions. He also advocated for the training of more multilingual tour guides to enhance Uganda’s tourism sector.

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