Nairobi Law Society Acts on Suspected Quack Advocate, Makes Arrest

Milimani Law Courts
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The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President, Eric Theuri, announced the arrest of a suspected impersonator of an advocate by the Rapid Response Team in Nairobi. The accused, a female, had been using a name closely resembling that of a genuine advocate, and the LSK discovered she had forged a national identity and a fake practicing certificate to facilitate her unlawful activities.

As of now, the suspect is in custody at Capitol Police Station, awaiting further investigations and a court appearance.

Theuri emphasized the society’s commitment to combating individuals masquerading as High Court advocates, stating, “We thank our members for bringing this incident to our attention. Our efforts to expose such impostors will be thorough, unyielding, and extensive.”

This arrest follows Theuri’s recent call for the prosecution of Brian Mwenda, who had been flagged for allegedly impersonating an advocate. Mwenda had purportedly appeared in court to represent clients, but the LSK President expressed a lack of awareness regarding the cases he had handled before the revelation.

The society intends to revise its registration criteria while assuring the public that its system’s data remains uncompromised.

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The Director of Public Prosecution, Renson Ingonga, issued a statement on October 14 instructing the Inspector General of Police to investigate the matter and bring charges against Mwenda. He added that the ODPP would independently review the evidence in accordance with the constitution.

Mwenda, in response, asserted his innocence, stating that he would cooperate with authorities during the investigation. He affirmed, “I am a law-abiding citizen and I am not going anywhere. We respect the law, and I will be available wherever I am needed. I am not a fugitive.”

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