Cost-Cutting Measure Saves Uganda Police Force Hundreds of Millions

DIGP Maj Gen Tumusiime Katsigazi
DIGP Maj Gen Geofrey Katsigazi Tumusiime | File Photo
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The Uganda Police Force has taken the initiative to manufacture its own uniforms, resulting in significant savings of at least 740 million shillings annually.

Irene Ameri Kimara, the Acting Deputy Director of Logistics and Engineering, highlighted the substantial financial benefits accrued since the police force embarked on in-house uniform production.

In a briefing to Deputy Inspector General of Police Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Tumusiime Katsigazi, Kimara revealed that the current cost of a pair of police uniforms stands at 40,000 shillings, a remarkable reduction compared to the previous cost of procuring uniforms from prequalified suppliers.

Maj. Gen. Tumusiime has been actively engaging with various police directorates and units, conducting visits to assess working conditions and identify challenges faced by personnel. His recent visit to the garment factory, established in 2014 during the tenure of former IGP Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura, served as an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of in-house uniform production.

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The garment factory’s success in manufacturing uniforms at a significantly lower cost demonstrates the potential of self-reliance within the Uganda Police Force. This initiative has not only resulted in substantial financial savings but has also contributed to job creation and skills development within the organization.

The police force’s commitment to self-sufficiency aligns with the broader government initiative to promote local production and reduce reliance on external suppliers.

By manufacturing their own uniforms, the police force is setting an example for other government agencies and contributing to the overall economic development of the country.

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