Uganda Police and Partners Join Forces to Tackle Human Trafficking in Schools

Uganda Police and Partners Join Forces to Tackle Human Trafficking in Schools
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Initiative Targets Human Trafficking Awareness in Ugandan Secondary Schools

In an effort to combat human trafficking, the Coordination Office for Prevention of Human Trafficking (COPTIP), working in conjunction with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Uganda Police, has partnered with the German International Cooperation (GIZ) to raise awareness within secondary schools in the Bukedi Region of Uganda. This program has been conducted in five schools situated near the border districts of Busia and Malaba in the eastern part of the country. The schools involved in this initiative are Tororo Girls, Katarema School, Asinge School, Rubongi Army School, and Rock High School.

Here’s a table summarizing the number of students in each of the five schools:

School Name Number of Students Breakdown (Boys/Girls)
Tororo Girls 1,984 N/A
Katarema School 1,239 675 Boys, 564 Girls
Asinge School 1,311 740 Boys, 571 Girls
Rubongi Army School 2,700 1,524 Boys, 1,446 Girls
Rock High School 1,209 633 Boys, 676 Girls


Commissioner of Police (CP) Twinomujuni Julius, who serves as the coordinator of Trafficking in Persons at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, clarified that the primary objective of this initiative is to tackle the issue at an early stage. This recognizes the unfortunate reality that a significant number of human trafficking victims are young individuals, especially school-going girls.

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CP Twinomujuni stressed that traffickers often prey on students by luring them with enticing promises of sponsorship for their education and attractive employment opportunities. This tactic exploits the vulnerabilities of these students, leading them to fall into the traps set by traffickers.

As the holiday season approaches, CP Twinomujuni highlighted the critical importance of vigilance among teachers, students, and caretakers. He emphasized the need for thorough verification in cases of appealing sponsorship, urging coordination with the appropriate authorities to prevent potential exploitation.

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