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Kampala RCC Proposes Ban on Children Under 13 from Music Shows

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Anderson Burora, the Resident City Commissioner (RCC) for Rubaga division in Kampala, is advocating for a law that prohibits children under 13 years from attending music shows and concerts in an effort to combat the perceived rise in moral decadence among the youth. Burora’s concerns stem from a petition filed by district security officials to Inspector General of Police (IGP) Martins Okoth Ochola, urging a ban on children from such events due to exposure to adult activities like alcohol consumption, smoking, erotic attire, and explicit stage performances.

Addressing the media at the Uganda Media Centre, Burora expressed the need for government intervention in the form of legislation to restrict children from attending music concerts where mature content is prevalent. He highlighted instances where parents, under the influence, forget their children, exposing them to inappropriate behaviors by adults.

“We have also recommended to IGP to put it in guidelines going forward that children under 13 years should never be banned from these events,” Burora added.

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Burora emphasized that events featuring intoxicants, glorifying prostitution, and endorsing indecent dressing inconvenience children who require guidance and mentorship. He proposed an exception for religious and cultural concerts that align with African customs, promoting viewer discretion and parental guidance.

He stated, “For religious and cultural concerts, there are characters and behavior which are friendly and lessons to young people and children, especially in churches, cultural gatherings, and educational events in schools and universities.”

Highlighting the potential dangers for children at crowded events, Burora referenced incidents such as the Freedom City stampede on New Year’s Day in Namasuba, Kampala, where 11 people lost their lives.

Furthermore, Burora issued a warning against the injection of politics into music shows. He called on promoters, musicians, and comedians to focus solely on their respective crafts, threatening to submit a list of individuals engaging in political activities during events to the IGP for consideration when approving future music events.

“We think that Bivuulu promoters and organisers should stick to organizing music and nothing else because your supporters expect to hear from your music and not politics,” he asserted.

“On that account, we have compiled a list of six promoters, two musicians, eight comedians, and Tik Tokers to IGP for his consideration going forward, when he is clearing their requests for them to hold music events in any part of the country,” Burora concluded.

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