Land Dispute Prevents Burials in Bulambuli District

land dispute prevents burials in bulambuli district
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Residents of Bumufuni Sub-County in Bulambuli District are facing challenges burying their loved ones on land claimed by a businesswoman, Ms. Rose Wekomba. Ms. Wekomba asserts ownership of the land, covering four villages, with a title acquired in 2015. However, disputes over the land have persisted since then, intensifying following the death of Francis Amilimo in September 2023.

Police intervention during Amilimo’s burial ceremony halted proceedings, leading to his body being taken to Mbale City mortuary. Locals express frustration over the delay in burying their deceased and the inability to utilize the land for farming due to the ongoing dispute.

Amilimo’s family contests Wekomba’s claim, alleging fraudulent acquisition of part of their ancestral land. The community, comprising approximately 550 families, demands intervention from government institutions to address the situation. During a meeting with the Senior Registrar of Titles in Mbale, locals requested the cancellation of Wekomba’s land title, citing displacement and denial of access to their land.

Oscar Twanga, one of the complainants, recounts a history of conflict dating back to 2014, including an alleged forced transfer of title ownership to Wekomba. Despite assertions of fraudulent acquisition by local authorities, Wekomba denies any wrongdoing and emphasizes her agreement with the previous landowners.

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The situation remains unresolved, with the Elgon Police Spokesperson acknowledging the need for further investigation into the disputed land.

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