Joyride Turns Deadly: Three Lives Lost in Tuk-Tuk Accident in Lira

14 Year Old Boy Found Dead in Lira City West Division, Police Investigating
Lira Central Police Station | Photo By Elias Makuka
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A devastating incident occurred when a tricycle, commonly known as a tuk-tuk, crashed on the Lira-Kampala highway, leading to the death of three individuals, including a 23-year-old university student on Saturday, November 11, 2023.

The accident took place near Adyel, about one kilometer from Lira City, when a Fuso truck lost control and collided with the tuk-tuk carrying 12 people. The collision resulted in the tragic death of Kizito Okwee, a 23-year-old student of Uganda Martyrs University, and two others, while five individuals sustained severe injuries.

Aaron Abura, the rider of the tuk-tuk, is currently hospitalized with serious injuries. Among the deceased, Sam Obua and Innocent Oyanga lost their lives on the spot, while another victim, Innocent Oyanga, succumbed to injuries upon arrival at Lira Regional Referral Hospital.

The injured victims, including Daniel Okeng, Joshua Ayo, and Innocent Obua, are receiving treatment at Lira Regional Referral Hospital. The authorities are actively investigating the incident, with both the truck and tuk-tuk taken to Lira City Central for further examination.

Eyewitnesses shared that the group had embarked on a joyride near Tecwao, Teso Bar, in Lira City. As the truck lost control, some occupants tried to escape by jumping out, but the tragic outcome couldn’t be avoided.

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Family members, like James Obua, father of one of the victims, arrived at the crash scene to find the heartbreaking aftermath. The father expressed concern for his eldest son, still in critical condition, and pleaded for his recovery.

Rebecca Akullo, who declined the invitation for the joyride, recounted how she narrowly avoided the tragedy, as her friends called her to join but she chose to stay behind.

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