Kassanda Police Launch Search for Woman Who Stole Baby at Health Center

Land Wrangle Leads to Arrests, Property Damage in Kassanda District - Kassanda Police Launch Search for Woman Who Stole Baby at Health Center
PHOTO - Kassanda Town
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The Kassanda district police are conducting a search for a woman who took a one-month-old baby from her mother at a local health facility. The incident took place at Kiganda Health Centre IV around 5:00 pm on Monday, October 16, 2023, as the mother entrusted the baby to a stranger for assistance while buying food.

The missing baby is identified as Shivan Nantadde, the daughter of 25-year-old Peace Kyarimpa, a resident of Buyonga zone in Kiganda town council, Kassanda. Upon returning from buying food, the mother found the woman and her baby missing. She reported the disappearance to the health facility management, who subsequently contacted the police.

Wamala Police region spokesperson Rachael Kawala stated that the police thoroughly examined the crime scene and collected statements from witnesses to aid in the ongoing investigation. Efforts are underway to recover the baby and apprehend the suspect.

Kawala urged parents to exercise caution and refrain from leaving their children in the care of strangers. Anyone with information that could assist in locating and reuniting the baby with her family is encouraged to contact the nearest police station or the toll-free hotline at 0800300118.

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The theft of babies has become a concerning issue in Uganda in recent years. Several cases of stolen infants have been reported, prompting police action and investigations to ensure the safety and well-being of children. Police advise childless couples who wish to become legal parents to consider adoption as a legal and ethical alternative.

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