Police Investigate Fire at Gombe Primary School Dormitory

police investigate fire at gombe primary school dormitory
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Police in Butambala District are looking into a fire that happened at Gombe Standard Primary School. The fire happened on Friday and affected the boys’ dormitory, damaging things like mattresses, blankets, bed sheets, suitcases, and shoes.

A parent, Mr. Hassan Wasswa, who arrived at the school soon after the incident, mentioned that the fire began from the ceiling of the dormitory.

“We are grateful that none of the students got hurt because the fire started when they were all in their classrooms,” he said.

Mr. Sulaiman Bukya Lubwama, the Butambala Resident District Commissioner, suggested that an electrical problem might be the cause of the fire. He mentioned that no one was inside the building when the fire started.

“We haven’t figured out the exact cause yet, but some students say they saw wires sparking before 1.30 pm. Others are saying there was a phone left charging in one of the sockets in the dormitory,” he explained.

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He added, “Since the police are investigating, I am confident that we will find out the truth.”

The building that was destroyed also housed a sick bay and staff room.

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