Tororo Hospital: Nurse Arrested for Negligence in Deaths of Two Newborns

Tororo District Referral Hospital
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A nurse, Justine Logose, has been arrested on allegations of abuse of office and negligence, which reportedly resulted in the death of two newborn babies at Tororo District Referral Hospital. The babies, who were in the Neonatal Unit, allegedly died due to suffocation in an incubator on a day when the nurse, who was supposed to be on duty, did not turn up.

According to Dr. Thomas Ochar, the hospital’s medical superintendent, the absence of the nurse on January 1 and January 2 forced the babies to remain on oxygen throughout the day until they suffocated. Dr. Ochar mentioned that the situation could have been handled if the nurse had formally notified the hospital about her absence from duty. Instead, she reportedly informed her colleagues through a phone call, citing the loss of her former boyfriend, and her absence was not taken seriously.

The crisis meeting, attended by the district security committee and chaired by Tororo District Chairperson John Okeya, aimed to address the circumstances surrounding the babies’ deaths. Okeya emphasized the need for a thorough investigation by the police, treating the case with sensitivity and making it a lesson for other officers regarding absenteeism.

The arrested nurse defended herself, stating that she had notified her supervisor about being unwell after receiving news of her former boyfriend’s death. The district health officer, Dr. Okoth Obbo, highlighted broader issues of patient complaints about medical workers’ behavior, including arrogance, absenteeism, solicitation of bribes, and excessive fees for services.

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Patients and community members called for an investigation into the matter, expressing concerns about the hospital’s overall situation, including inadequate staffing, late arrivals of health workers, and challenges in service delivery.

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