Rotary Club and Naguru Remand Home Collaborate to Skill and Certify 85 Young Offenders

Rotary Club and Naguru Remand Home Collaborate to Skill and Certify 85 Young Offenders
PHOTO - Makerere University
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The Ministry of Education and Sports, in collaboration with the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT), has officially certified 85 juveniles from the Naguru Remand Home as a result of their participation in a skill development program. The certificates, issued on November 10, 2023, mark the successful completion of assessments aimed at equipping the juveniles with essential skills.

The initiative, a partnership between the Rotary Club of Upper Kololo and Naguru Remand Home, focused on providing vocational training to young individuals facing various criminal charges. Filbert Kinyanda, the Vice President of the Upper Kololo Rotary Club, highlighted the success of the program, stating that the juveniles excelled in DIT examinations covering poultry rearing, rabbit keeping, tailoring, hairdressing, and horticulture.

Kinyanda announced that more than a hundred juveniles have undergone assessments, and additional certifications are anticipated by the end of November. The Rotary Club’s commitment to the project was demonstrated as they gathered at Naguru Remand Home to sell over 100 poultry birds, showcasing the practical skills acquired by the juveniles.

The project’s broader objective, as emphasized by Kinyanda, is to equip these young individuals with skills that will enable them to earn a livelihood and contribute positively to society. The vocational training includes elements of commercial business, with the juveniles actively engaging in selling the poultry they have raised.

This event marked the second sale of poultry birds reared by the juveniles, following a successful inaugural sale in July that generated over sh6.4m. The Rotary Club of Upper Kololo aims to blend education and entrepreneurship, ensuring that the juveniles not only learn valuable skills but also actively participate in commercial activities.

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Commending the Rotary Club’s efforts, Mike Kennedy Sebalu, the Immediate Past District Governor 9213, emphasized the importance of uplifting both boys and girls. He praised the agribusiness model project for providing hope to children who may have lost their way and expressed confidence that such initiatives discourage criminal behavior among the youth.

Sebalu encouraged the Rotary Club to apply for a global grant, ensuring the project’s sustainability beyond the initially planned three years. This would alleviate financial burdens and allow the initiative to continue making a positive impact on the lives of these juveniles.

Joyce Odoki, the President of the Rotary Club of Upper Kololo, highlighted the project’s dual focus on technical and mental health support for juveniles, many of whom come from broken families. The initiative, set to run for an additional two years, aims to reintegrate reformed and skilled young individuals back into society as responsible citizens.

Odoki acknowledged the support of partners, including Hotel La Vena, which purchases chicken from the remand home for consumption, and Nutri Nova Ltd, providing aid and training in feeding the poultry birds. Mary Kyomugisha, the remand home in charge, mentioned having 161 children at the facility with different criminal charges without delving into specific details.

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