Cross-Border Mix-Up: UPDF Soldier Shoots Congolese National in Kasese

Border Blunders: UPDF Soldier Shoots Congolese Intruder in Kasese
Border Blunders: UPDF Soldier Shoots Congolese Intruder in Kasese
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In a curious case of cross-border confusion, a UPDF soldier hailing from the 5th Battalion Rusese is currently in hot water for taking a shot at a Congolese national in Kisolholho Village, Karambi Sub County, Kasese District. The soldier’s trigger-happy escapade began when he encountered Mr. Kibwana trying to sneak into Uganda through a not-so-authorized border point.

The victim, Mr. Majwar Muhindo Kibwana, a 26-year-old originally from the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), found himself on the receiving end of a bullet when he decided to venture into Uganda via a rather holey border.

The news was confirmed by Lt. Maate Magwara, the Kasese Deputy Resident District Commissioner, who is responsible for Bukonzo County. The UPDF soldier, now in the spotlight, has been apprehended and is currently enjoying the hospitality of the local police force.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Mr. Kibwana seemed to have a bit of a habit, crossing the border like it’s a neighborhood stroll. This unique cross-border workout was fueled by the shared ethnicity between the communities on both sides of the Uganda-DR Congo border. In Uganda, he put on his casual laborer hat at the Mpondwe customs in Bwera, where he got to flex his muscles loading and unloading stuff from vehicles.

“As the saying goes, ‘neighbors are like family,’ and here, it’s taken quite literally. The Uganda-DR Congo border sees more to and fro than a seesaw at the playground. However, Kibwana decided to take a shortcut this time and, when he spotted our soldier friend, he decided it was time for a quick sprint,” chuckled Mr. Magwara.

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The soldier, armed with more enthusiasm than caution, gave chase and decided that a shot to the hip would make a splendid conversation starter. Lt. Magwara, on the other hand, scratched his head and wondered why our soldier buddy chose such an energetic approach when a friendly chat would have sufficed, especially considering he had cornered Kibwana at his residence.

As for Kibwana, he’s currently taking a well-deserved break at Kagando Hospital, getting some top-notch medical attention.

Lt. Magwara, offering a slice of wisdom with a side of advice, remarked, “When a security officer taps you on the shoulder, it’s not the moment to challenge them to a footrace. Let’s keep things peaceful, folks. Also, if you spot any shady characters lurking around the neighborhood, don’t keep it to yourself. Our security personnel love a good story.”

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