Government’s Approval of Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi’s Return Elicits Praise

governments approval of dr aggrey kiyingis return elicits praise
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In a solemn event held at St. Paul Cathedral Namirembe, the Bishop of Namirembe Diocese, Rt Rev Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira, expressed gratitude towards the government for permitting the return of Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi’s body to Uganda, allowing him a dignified burial. Dr. Kiyingi had faced allegations of engaging in subversive activities aimed at overthrowing the regime before his demise.

Born on October 25, 1953, Dr. Kiyingi passed away on September 27 due to diabetes while residing in Sydney, Australia. His remains returned to Uganda on October 29 and are scheduled for interment today at his ancestral home in Seeta Village, Namulonge Sub-county, Wakiso District.

Despite the earlier speculation that the government’s relationship with the deceased had been strained, the permission for his return was granted, marking a significant moment in this chapter of Dr. Kiyingi’s life.

Bishop Luwalira, who led the memorial service, acknowledged the deceased as a dedicated cardiologist who had saved numerous lives. He urged the gathered mourners to be of service to the community, emphasizing the need for self-reflection, love, and a return to faith, citing issues like hatred, disappointment, and jealousy as areas where only divine intervention can bring resolution.

Dr. Kiyingi’s elder sister, Ms. Rachel Nsasiirwe, also lauded the government for facilitating the return of her brother’s remains and expressed gratitude to the Australian government for granting him citizenship. She dispelled claims that the government had obstructed the family’s efforts to bring him home, describing her late brother as an exceptionally intelligent and compassionate individual.

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Political figures like Mr. Ken Lukyamuzi, the president of the Conservative Party, and Mr. Henry Lubowa, the secretary general of the Democratic Party, paid their respects to Dr. Kiyingi. They remembered him as a supporter of human rights and political change in Uganda, even while living abroad. His involvement in highlighting issues within the country, including the ownership of government property by individuals, was acknowledged and appreciated.

Ms. Mayimuna Nakiirija Kiyingi, Dr. Kiyingi’s widow, shared a personal perspective, describing her late husband as a loving and caring partner. She recounted how he had expressed loneliness and fear of dying alone before their marriage in 2009.

The Katikkiro of Buganda Kingdom, Mr. Charles Peter Mayiga, revealed that Dr. Kiyingi had supported various programs of the Buganda Kingdom and had contributed to the development of Buganda Kingdom radio, Central Broadcasting Services (CBS). Mr. Mayiga’s eulogy, delivered by one of the Kingdom’s subjects, emphasized the profound loss of Dr. Kiyingi to Buganda, Uganda, and the world.

Dr. Kiyingi’s life had been marked by controversy, notably in 2005 when he was accused of orchestrating the murder of his first wife, Robinah Kiyingi. He was arrested, charged, released on bail, and later acquitted of this accusation. In 2015, he faced accusations of involvement in the murder of Muslim leaders and alleged funding of the Allied Democratic Forces rebel group, which had committed atrocities in Uganda. In 2016, he attempted to enter politics, expressing an interest in running for the presidential seat, though this endeavor did not come to fruition.

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