Woman MP Omoro district donates to Catechist, Catholic Women Association.

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Hon. Lamwaka Catherine, the Woman MP for Omoro district during the celebration of the Catechist day at St Joseph Opit Mission in Omoro district.
Hon. Lamwaka Catherine, the Woman MP for Omoro district during the celebration of the Catechist day at St Joseph Opit Mission in Omoro district.


Catherine Lamwaka, the Woman Member of Parliament Omoro district on Sunday while celebrating Catechist Day at St Joseph Opit Mission donated 1 million shilling each to the Catechist Savings and Income generating group and Catholic Women Association who have been saving and loaning business for over a year in Opit Parish.

This was during celebrating the day for the Catechist and also witnessing a mass wedding of 15 couples yesterday with a message centered on fighting poverty, education, and the role of parenting.

According to Lamwaka, the 2 Million shillings donation is to support and boost the capacity of the group to borrow and use it for household income-generating activities so as to increase their household income and reduce the poverty burden among the group members.

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During the celebration, she urged the congregation to adopt new methods of dealing with the question of poverty by getting practical not just by word of mouth.

She further encouraged all parishioners to visit Opit Mission Parish House and see the project they have been supporting further to establish for demonstration for the community and after the visit people should go back home and start some practical concept to get income.

She also cautioned the congregation on their preparedness to receive the children back home as holidays is starting moreover with many festive season activities.

She further emphasized to parents to provide for and protect their children as they come back for third term holidays.

“My word of emphasis has been on providing protection to the girl child but also the boy child to avoid losing them from school but also those joining marriages before the right time”.

According to Lamwaka, Parents must hold the grip of their roles without excuses, since parenting is a collective responsibility but the parent takes the lead with 80% of the responsibility.

During the celebration she also toured the parish project; piggery white large and local breeds, Poultry- layers, Kroilers and local birds, Turkey, Rabbits, ducks, and passion fruits Garden.

She however encourages the congregation to also preach the move for household income in a more practical way using agriculture for commercial purposes.

“If each one of us starts something within the community in Omoro it can motivate and help others learn from”, she said.

She explained that the parish program started last year and St. Thomas Minakulu started a similar approach though not yet fully established, Atede Parish is ongoing and yet to verify with Odek parish.

Meanwhile in Lakwana sub county yesterday, also she extended cash support to the Youth Peace Makers group that is celebrating, sharing their savings and interest totaling to 63 Million shillings while they visit a brand group dealing in savings and Agriculture.

“This is an indicator that we can do better, some people need just a little guidance and push to bring out the best in them”, she says.

She concluded by saying that there is a need for a collective voice to combat poverty in the district.

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OKIDI, Richard Owor
OKIDI, Richard Owor
3 months ago

Good move honourable Cathy. The Catehists are the very vulnerable members of our society who are always neglected.

Thank you Mama