Uganda’s One Nation Festival to Celebrate Cultural Heritage on October 8th

Uganda's One Nation Festival to Celebrate Cultural Heritage on October 8
Uganda's One Nation Festival to Celebrate Cultural Heritage on October 8
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Pilsner Lager is teaming up with Kulture Klub to organize the first-ever One Nation Festival, aimed at bringing together people from various Ugandan tribes to celebrate their cultural heritage. This event is scheduled for October 8, 2023, at Lugogo Grounds.

“Culture is the reflection of a community and nation; it unites us and also gives us a unique identity. Pilsner Lager, as a strong supporter of cultural expression in Uganda, is collaborating with One Nation to emphasize the importance of preserving our culture. Through this platform, we intend to showcase the diverse cultures of Uganda in a celebration of our rich traditions, history, and cultural norms,” explained Edgar Kihumuro, Brand Manager at Pilsner, Uganda Breweries Limited.

The festival will explore various aspects of culture, including music, dance, art, food, and fashion, with the goal of fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of the cultural heritage and evolution of Uganda’s communities. It will merge various cultural celebrations, such as Iwacu Heza, Rukundo Egumeho, Kwegonza Avenue, and more, into a single unified celebration.

Lahm Mukundeta, PR Officer at Kulture Klub, described the festival as a unique opportunity to bring multiple generations together to appreciate the role of culture in their daily lives. The organizers aim to showcase cultural expressions in a modern and memorable way, providing a wholesome experience for all attendees.

Recognizing the significance of dance and music in cultural identity, the festival program will feature a culturally diverse lineup of artists, representing various regions of Uganda. Additionally, South African duo Mafikizolo will perform at this cultural extravaganza, adding an international touch to the event.

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