Deputy RDC Joan Apio Rescues Stolen PDM Funds, Sends Stern Warning to Culprits

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Joan Apio
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The Deputy Resident District Commissioner of Apac, Joan Apio, has successfully recovered a total of 300,000 Ugandan shillings that were stolen by a youth from a 65-year-old resident in one of the parishes in Apac District. Apio disclosed this during a media briefing from her office at the Apac District headquarters on Monday.

“When I arrived in Apac, I received information that some young individuals were taking advantage of elderly beneficiaries, engaging in theft by deception, and conning them under the pretense of sharing the money,” she revealed.

She issued a stern warning to politicians spreading negative messages about the Parish Development Model (PDM), urging them to cease such activities and refrain from engaging in misleading politics that misguides the local population.

According to the Deputy RDC, one elderly individual lost 300,000 shillings just last week in Apac. “When I questioned the suspects, one claimed he was going to return the money,” Apio added.

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She cautioned against the actions of certain politicians who were encouraging the community to use the money as they saw fit, suggesting that it was a “presidential handshake.” Apio categorically stated that this was incorrect. “Let us not engage in baseless politics by labelling the PDM program as a presidential handshake. I call upon the general public to refrain from discrediting government programs, especially leaders here in Apac,” she warned.

Deputy RDC Joan Apio emphasized that these individuals took advantage of the elderly by claiming to be helping them access the PDM money, with the sole intention of profiting from the elders’ portion of the 1 million shillings allocated for the program.

She highlighted that many women were benefiting from the PDM, as it enabled them to start their businesses, thereby reducing poverty. “I urge all leaders to embrace this program, as it can change our community’s mindset and help eradicate poverty,” Apio narrated.

She mentioned that the majority of leaders in Apac, with a few exceptions, were now fully supportive of the PDM program.

Joan Apio assumed her role in Apac just three weeks ago, replacing Proscovia Acham, who has been transferred to serve as Deputy RDC in Amuru. Acham had previously served as Deputy RDC in Abim District and Kwania before her transfer to Amuru.

Proscovia Acham was instrumental in uncovering several fraudulent projects under Nusaf in Abim, collaborating with the current RDC of Obongi, Samuel Hasaka Mpimbasa.

A senior citizen in Apac, who wished to remain anonymous, spoke to our reporter in confidence and expressed the view that both Deputy RDCs, Proscovia Acham and Joan Apio, should be promoted to full RDC positions due to their outstanding track records in implementing various government programs in their previous assignments.

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