Kasese Pupils Continue to Study in Makeshift Structures

kasese pupils continue to study in makeshift structures
PHOTO -- Mubuku Irrigation Scheme Primary School in Nyamwamba Division, Kasese Municipality
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Despite efforts to relocate Mubuku Irrigation Scheme Primary School in Kasese District, pupils still study in makeshift structures, with no immediate plans to return to their original premises.

Since 2021, when the school authorities temporarily moved the pupils to St Matia Mulumba Catholic Church due to low enrollment, no substantial changes have occurred.

The decision to relocate the learners and abandon the old school structures, made in collaboration with Kasese Municipality leaders, followed a significant decline in pupil enrollment from Primary One to Primary Seven.

Before the relocation, the school operated independently without government affiliation. Despite increased enrollment after the move, uncertainty looms over whether the school will return to its original location.

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Ms. Jovia Bamwikirize, the headteacher, cited the practical challenge of maintaining regular attendance without sufficient pupils as a key factor in the decision to relocate the school.

Kasese Municipal Principal Education Officer, Mr. Seith Ahebwa, explained that the relocation was prompted by the school’s failure to attract learners, emphasizing the subsequent increase in enrollment.

Mr. Ahebwa suggested repurposing the abandoned school infrastructure into an agricultural training facility, given its proximity to the Mubuku Irrigation Scheme.

However, Mr. Rabson Mupango, the Kasese Municipality deputy mayor, noted that the proposal is subject to further discussion by the committee of social services in the municipality council.

Mr. Girivazio Bwambale, a former headteacher, emphasized the importance of community mobilization to encourage pupil return rather than converting the school into an agricultural institute.

Families who had relocated from the irrigation scheme to areas like Kigoro and Majengo opted to enroll their children in schools closer to their new residences.

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