Pallisa Authorities Set Deadline for Landlords to Upgrade Old Buildings

pallisa authorities set deadline for landlords to upgrade old buildings
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Pallisa Town Council authorities passed a resolution in December 2023, giving landlords six months to renovate aging structures, aiming to rejuvenate the town’s appeal and attract investments.

Mayor Yusuf Zomu emphasized the necessity for landlords to update outdated buildings, which hinder potential investments and revenue generation.

The directive primarily targets structures dating back to the 1920s that have never undergone renovation.

Landlords failing to comply with the directive are urged to notify the council accordingly.

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Zomu highlighted the transformation brought by tarmac roads in Pallisa Town and emphasized the need for buildings to align with the town’s evolving aesthetic.

Public servant Grace Auma emphasized the importance of modern buildings to attract investors and essential services, now that road infrastructure challenges have been addressed.

However, businessman James Makeri expressed concerns that phasing out old houses may lead to rent hikes.

Pallisa Resident District Commissioner Majidu Dhikusooka called for sensitization of residents before implementing town council resolutions.

As part of a presidential pledge, the government allocated Shs146 billion for road construction in Pallisa Town Council and Kumi Municipality, overseen by Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA).

UNRA Deputy Resident Engineer Paul Anguria stated that ongoing projects in Pallisa will take 21 months to complete.

Emmanuel Olupot, Apopong Sub-county LC3 chairperson, acknowledged the benefits and challenges of development in Pallisa, urging locals to adapt to the changing landscape.

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