Over 700 Youth Leaders to Graduate from Patriotism Training in Lira Today

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Photo of Deputy commissioner Mubarak/photo by Okidi Patrick
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According to Mr. Magomu Mubarack, the Deputy Commissioner in charge of the Patriotism Office of the President, he disclosed to the Ankole Times newspaper on Friday from UTC Lira that at least over 4,000 students in total will graduate from various training institutions where several patriots have been undergoing training across the country.

Mubarack added that Lira UTC and Lira Town College will jointly graduate over 700 students from UTC Lira on Sunday. He mentioned that the government strongly encourages youth leaders to foster a culture of working for the betterment of their country while avoiding unethical behaviors.

These youth leaders who will be graduating are part of the over 4,000 currently undergoing training in five different Uganda technical colleges and institutions of learning across the country, including UTC Lira and Lira Town College.

The others are located in the Elgon region in Mbale, Sheema, and Kiswamba, among others. Mubarack emphasized that the training aims to prepare youth to be reliable and develop a humble character as part of the effort to nurture high-quality human resources for the future, with the goal of combating and eradicating corruption.

He further added that in Kabong, the graduation ceremony was scheduled for Saturday, September 30, 2023, where several nurses under the patriotism program were set to benefit from the ceremony.

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The guests of honor who will preside over the graduation ceremony at Lira UTC on Sunday, October 1, 2023, will include none other than the Director of Mobilization at the NRM secretariat, Honorable Rosemary Senide.

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