UPDF Stresses Education’s Significance in Shaping Military Careers

UPDF Stresses Education's Significance in Shaping Military Careers
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Representatives from the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) visited Greenhill Academy Secondary School to talk to students about the significance of education in achieving the UPDF’s vision of professionalism. The UPDF team, led by Captain David Kamya and Captain Paul Kahuma Bbala from the Office of the Defence Spokesperson, joined various companies and organizations as part of the school’s Careers’ Day.

Captain Kamya mentioned that the UPDF has transformed from a guerilla army into a professional force over the years. They now welcome academically qualified individuals to defend Uganda’s territorial boundaries and its citizens. He stressed that unlike in the past, where military recruitment was based on physical appearance and other factors, the UPDF now recruits people from all backgrounds.

The students were also informed about the changing technological landscape in warfare, emphasizing the need for technology in modern military operations. Additionally, Captain Kamya reminded the students about the value of hard work, discipline, and continuous learning to advance in their careers, just as in the UPDF, where promotions are tied to training and professional capabilities.

Mr. Wilberforce Kamengo, the Headteacher of Greenhill Academy Secondary School, expressed his gratitude to the exhibitors and companies that participated in the event, stating that their contributions would help guide students in making informed career choices.

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Key Points
UPDF representatives visited Greenhill Academy Secondary School.
They emphasized the importance of education in achieving professionalism in the UPDF.
Captain Kamya highlighted the UPDF’s transition from a guerilla army to a professional force.
The UPDF now recruits individuals irrespective of physical appearance.
Students were made aware of the evolving technological aspects of modern warfare.
The value of hard work, discipline, and continuous learning for career progression was stressed.
Mr. Wilberforce Kamengo expressed gratitude for the event’s educational value.

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