Lira City Commissioner Commends Q FM for Support During UPDF Celebration

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Staff of Q FM 94.3 at Tehare Sita Celebration on Tuesday at Mayor's garden Lira City. Photo/Okidi Patrick
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Lira: The Resident City Commissioner of Lira, Mr. Emmy Egole Lawrence, has commended the entire staff of Q FM 94.3 for their support to the UPDF during the Tarehe Sita celebration held on Tuesday, February 6th, 2024, at Mayor’s Garden in Lira City.

“I want to thank the UPDF for their professionalism and discipline demonstrated during this celebration. You worked tirelessly in the hospital, cleaning and maintaining it. Your efforts are commendable,” said Egole Lawrence.

He specifically thanked the media, especially the staff of Q FM radio, for actively participating in the marching and cleaning activities throughout the event. “Thank you for your outstanding contribution, and I’m pleased to report that there were no injuries. The UPDF’s role goes beyond repelling external aggression; it’s about patriotism,” he added.

Acknowledging the presence of journalists, particularly from Q FM, and the NRM cadre, Egole Lawrence expressed gratitude to the young patriots who attended the event.

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“I extend my appreciation to Brigadier General Keith Katungi, the commander of the 5th Division, for his efforts in maintaining peace in the Lango sub-region,” he further stated.

Col. Peter, representing the Brigade commander during the event’s closure, assured the community, known as Wanahinci, of UPDF’s commitment to their protection and well-being.

Earlier on Monday, Brigadier General Keith Katungi assured the people and authorities of Lira City that the UPDF would continue to contribute to keeping the city clean by participating in regular cleaning exercises every month. He emphasized that this initiative would be carried out in collaboration with the city authorities and the community.

Addressing the press in Mayor’s Garden, Lira City, Brigadier General Keith Katungi noted that the Tarehe Sita celebration, marking its 43rd anniversary, is held annually and rotates locations. He assured the people of Lango and East Acholi of the existing peace and highlighted the decrease in disturbances caused by Karamojong cattle rustlers in areas like Otuke, Lapono, Paimol, and Orom in Kitgum.

He urged cooperation from the Wanahinci and encouraged them to alert the UPDF for effective coordination in maintaining peace and security.

This year, the celebration took place in Greater Busoga and was hosted by Bugweri district. The 5th Division UPDF, under the leadership of Brigadier General Keith Katungi, engaged in cleaning various streets within Lira City during the week, demonstrating solidarity and commitment to keeping the city clean.

Brigadier General Keith Katungi mentioned that similar exercises were being conducted in Kitgum and other areas under the jurisdiction of the 5th Division. This division covers nine districts in Lango, the East Acholi area of Agago, Lamwo, Kitgum, Pader, and Abim, including parts of southern Karamoja.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Celebrating the People’s Struggle for Unity, Society, and Peace for Socio-economic Transformation.

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