Karamoja Ministers Lose Public Respect Over Iron Sheets Saga

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The two implicated ministers of Karamoja visited Namalu Prisons farm as the public stayed away from them. (Photo by Steven Ariong)
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On the 17th of this month, the two ministers of Karamoja affairs implicated in the theft of iron sheets meant for the reformed Karimojong youth visited Namalu government farm in Nakapiripirit district. However, this time, their visit was not met with the usual community lining up to present praising songs and dancing as a sign of entertaining the guests.

This lack of reception is a clear indication that the two ministers, Dr. Mary Goreti Kitutu and her junior, Agness Nadutu, have lost respect from the Karamoja community. The Karimojong community got wind of information that their ministers, who are supposed to help lobby for the development of Karamoja, were involved in stealing resources meant to uplift the region.

As they toured harvested food in Namalu government prisons, the community did not reach out to them, nor did they wave, unlike the usual enthusiastic reception.

Icumar Lomuria, a resident of Namalu in Nakapiripirit district, expressed discontent, stating that they will not respect thieves until the stolen iron sheets are returned.

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“We are not happy with these two ministers, and if the president does not remove them from the Karamoja ministry quickly, and they keep on coming, we shall see what to do with them,” he said.

The anti-corruption court has committed Dr. Mary Goreti and her co-accused, such as Agness Nadutu and others, to the high court to face trial on charges related to the diversion of iron sheets meant for the Karamoja sub-region.

During the visit witnessed by The Ankole Times, the two ministers were only received by security operatives without any locals present.

Betty Tebakol, a resident of Tokora, speculated that the ministers’ visit could be to steal tractors under government institutions in Namalu Prisons.

“Who knows why they have come again? It could be to see what is left. After all, they know that even if they steal, they will continue working as usual,” she said.

After the ministers were implicated, several concerned individuals, including Karamoja leaders, condemned their actions and advised the public in Karamoja to stay away from them, describing the two ministers as sadists.

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