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NRM Kicks Off Mobilization Drive for 2026 Presidential Candidate

Saturday, May 4, 2024

The mobilization campaign aims to inform, educate, and mobilize citizens to participate actively in the electoral process and support the NRM’s candidate in the upcoming 2026 presidential elections.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) recently initiated a mobilization campaign centered on highlighting the top ten achievements of the party president. These achievements encompass various areas such as democracy, women’s empowerment, healthcare, infrastructure development, and youth empowerment.

Addressing a gathering of hundreds of mobilizers and party supporters at Nakawa brigade offices in Kyambogo, Kampala on May 3, 2024, Rosemary Seninde, the Director for Mobilization, emphasized the importance of addressing challenges in service delivery caused by ineffective leadership.

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Seninde pointed out that despite government allocations for service extension in communities, some leaders misuse these funds for personal gain, resulting in inadequate service delivery. She stressed that mobilizers aim not only to campaign for the party and its president but also to address societal challenges and work towards solutions.

Acknowledging President Yoweri Museveni’s leadership, Seninde highlighted his efforts in fostering democracy, empowerment, and national development. She emphasized the need to recognize and appreciate his contributions while he is still in office.

Seninde also mentioned President Museveni’s recent initiatives, such as skilling programs aimed at reducing unemployment among young people. These initiatives demonstrate the government’s commitment to empowering citizens and improving livelihoods.

Jaffar Mulemekwawula, a coordinator from NRM Tonta United voice in Rubaga division, emphasized the importance of unity in electing competent leaders for national development. He outlined plans for door-to-door mobilization to educate people about government programs and encourage participation.

Barbra Musimenta, a mobilizer from Nakawa brigade, highlighted the availability of funds under President Museveni’s programs and the importance of informing and educating the public about these opportunities. Monica Tushemerierwe, known as “mama Ghetto,” urged leaders to promote non-partisan engagement with Presidential initiatives for community development.


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