Lira City Roads Struggle with Flooding and Drainage

Lira City Roads Struggle with Flooding and Drainage
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In Lira City, people are worried about the terrible drainage system causing roads to deteriorate. Poor drainage in urban areas is causing problems for the roads. This leads to flooding, road damage, and traffic issues.

Some of the flooded roads are in Teso-bar, Kirombe, and Obutuwelo areas. These floods make the roads unusable.

Fred Owiny, the senior engineer for Lira City, said that the flooding is happening because of running water. He explained that in some places, private developers have taken over land that was supposed to be used for stormwater drainage. This is causing the water to have no way to go.

The roads in Lira City often need repairs because of this flooding. The running water has even created deep holes, making the roads impassable during the rainy season.

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Businesses are also affected. Michael Adonyo, who owns Miracle Café, said that when the roads flood, businesses have to close. People use the cafe’s verandas to wait until the water goes away.

In Lira City West and East, some roads can’t be used by vehicles anymore. In places like Kirombe, Ober, and Obutuwelo, the roads have been damaged by these holes.

Sarah Awor Angweri, a counselor in Lira City, said that they need to fix the drainage problems urgently. She said the drainage channels are blocked with garbage.

Lira City’s senior engineer, Fred Owiny, said they are working on a plan to improve the drainage system. They want to build drainage channels to direct the stormwater where it should go.

He also said that the city’s current drainage problems are because the city wasn’t planned well before it became a city. Some areas developed too quickly, and that’s causing problems. They are now trying to fix this.

Residents are worried that if they don’t solve these problems soon, they could become even worse with more paved roads and surfaces.

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