Karamoja Charcoal Smuggling Thwarted: 395 Bags Intercepted, Culprits in Custody

Karamoja Charcoal Smuggling Thwarted 395 Bags Intercepted, Culprits in Custody
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In a significant operation, joint security forces in Karamoja have confiscated a total of 395 bags of charcoal at the Kokeris checkpoint along the Moroto-Soroti road in Napak District. These bags of charcoal, intended for various destinations, were discovered hidden in trucks leaving the Karamoja region.

The four trucks involved in this illegal transportation of charcoal were identified as follows:

Vehicle Plate Driver’s Name Driver’s Origin
UAX 210H Mawejje Amuza Mbale city
UBE 556T Gimesi Samuel Sironko
UAU 994D Waingolo Adam Sironko
UBG 612M Odongo James Abim District


The joint security forces are actively enforcing Presidential Executive Order Number 3, issued on May 19, 2023. This order restricts and regulates the trade and movement of charcoal in specific regions to combat deforestation and environmental degradation. The seizure of these charcoal bags highlights their commitment to upholding this order.

Mike Longole, Karamoja Police Spokesperson, emphasized the importance of adhering to the presidential executive order, stating, “We will continue to take swift action against individuals who violate the restrictions on charcoal transportation and trade. Our vigilance remains unwavering.”

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The suspects involved in the smuggling operation are currently in police custody, awaiting the completion of investigations and subsequent processing of their cases for presentation in the courts of law.

In recent months, National Forest authorities have collaborated closely with the police and the court to ensure that those responsible are held accountable. Additionally, the impounded charcoal will be auctioned to the general public at reduced rates.

The community is advised to respect and comply with the presidential executive order and refrain from engaging in illegal activities related to the trade of charcoal.

The joint security forces have commended their personnel at the checkpoints for their unwavering resilience and dedication in enforcing the law and protecting the environment. Mike Longole stated, “We applaud our personnel at the checkpoints for their extra vigilance.”

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